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Funeral Pricing

You are fortunate that you have a choice of many fine funeral firms in the area. Most of these firms offer standard services at fair prices.  We would be honored if you choose to consider us. We have become concerned however that a consumer would think price is the only factor in selecting a funeral service firm. While we agree price is an important factor, what you receive for that price, and who provides it, is just as important.

Ask friends, neighbors, 

or your clergy 

whom they would recommend.  

Why do funerals seem so expensive?

When compared to other major life cycle events, like births and weddings, funerals are not expensive. A wedding costs at least three times as much; but because it is a happy event, wedding costs are rarely criticized. 

A funeral home is a 24-hour, labor-intensive business, with extensive facilities (viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, hearses, etc.); these expenses must be factored into the cost of a funeral. Moreover, the cost of a funeral includes not only merchandise, like caskets, but the services of a funeral director in making arrangements, filing appropriate forms, dealing with doctors, ministers, florists, newspapers and others; and seeing to all the necessary details.

The Cost of a Funeral

There is no question that the cost of a funeral is of concern to most people.

Total Cost of the Funeral = Funeral Home Service Charges;   Merchandise;   Cash Advances.

Funeral Home Service Charges

Funeral home service charges are those charges for items selected from the funeral home’s General Price List* in an itemized listing, allowing the family to pick and choose only those items of service they desire. However, under the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, the funeral home may make a non-declinable service charge that will be added to those items selected.


Merchandise charges are the prices paid for caskets, burial vaults, cremation urns, stationary, clothing and other items purchased from the funeral home.

Cash Advances

Cash advances are charges made by others for which the funeral home has agreed to pay in advance for you. These are customarily charges for cemetery, church and musician fees, flowers, etc.

Simply put your personal needs and wishes determine the charges. To some families cost, not value seem to be their only concern. After all, so much of what a funeral home does is never seen by the consumer and therefore may not be perceived to be of value. Ask friends, neighbors, or your clergy whom they would recommend. 

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